Saturday, December 20, 2008

SnowPocalypse Seattle 2008

Also being called Snowmageddon. We just don't get much snow in Seattle. Marysville, Everett, the East Side, sure, they'll get dumped on. Usually though, we city dwellers are spared the worst of winter. For us, snow is something pretty, here for a day, then gone and not really interfering with our day to day lives.

You can understand then, that the recent blasts of Arctic weather have driven the city to it's knees. No one really knows how to drive in the snow, as witnessed by the two buses that ended up perched precariously over I-5. Although, that's really not a fair statement. I'm sure the bus drivers were more than capable. But no matter how much driving skill you possess, it's not going to save your ass once the multi-ton bus starts ice-skating down a hill.

Which is why my husband, Joe, and I chose to play it safe and stay home. We did put the time to good use though, we made a video Christmas card. Now, I haven't sent out cards in years. Saving trees and all that, you know. But with the snow falling and the extra time on our hands, well, it gave us the perfect opportunity.

Since our dogs are our 'kids' naturally they're prominently featured. Meet Domino, (the black dog) our Belgian sheepdog and Golly (the yellow dog) our yellow lab. As you can see, they are best buddies.

As I write this, we have more snow coming down. What's beyond armageddon?

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