Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Job

Yes, I changed jobs.  Seriously, for a while I thought I was crazy changing employers in this economy.  But, it has worked out well.  The job I left had great co-workers, but a very high stress factor.  I worked swing, and had to put in a couple weekends a month.  Not to mention all holidays as well.  Now, I work a typical Monday through Friday 8 to 5 schedule.  And while my new c0-workers and I are still learning about each other, so far so good; they seem to be a friendly, cohesive group.  Yay!

Tonight though, I am stressing about getting to work tomorrow.  Seattle's been hit with a deep freeze and I hate having to drive over icy roads.  The roads in my neighborhood haven't been plowed or sanded yet and I basically live at the bottom of a bowl.  Realistically, once I get to the main roads things should be fine, it's just...getting there.

Meh, I wish I had more inspiration tonight, but my head's been full lately of getting into this new job.  I wanted to get more than just one post out there, though.  Hopefully things'll pick up next week.

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